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(Currently not looking for new applicants)

We created the Niyama500 program for passionate teachers only - who inspire their students and their extended community.

As a member of the Niyama500 family, you will receive your welcome gift pair, an exclusive Niyama500-25% discount on all future purchases and early access to the newest Niyama. Leggings you will be able to wear in your studio that won’t be available to the general public to buy for weeks.

Additionally, we love to surprise our family, and as a part of that family, you might get a surprise along the way as well.

Once the wholesale application has been accepted, you will be able to log into this very online page, just like you do now. The prices will reflect wholesale prices and certain pages will be visible for you.

You may sometimes have the case where a particular pair is not available in the quantity in which you would like to order it, for those cases or if it’s easier for you, you can also just email us your order, and we will take care of it for you.

We regularly ship our leggings to California from Germany, so if something is out of stock and you would like to order some, we will include them in the next shipment, and we will have them in a matter of 10 to 15 business days.

The affiliate program consists of you referring visitors to our website. The URL's that we will provide are specific tracking URL's that keep track of sales generated through them. Once set up correctly, you will receive a commission on each order that one of your visitors places.

Once the order has been placed, it will show up in your account on our affiliate portal. You can log in there to see all the visitors and customers you have send our way and also how many have purchased and what exactly they bought. Thanks to the tracking URL, the statistics are accurate and update in real time.

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