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We created the Niyama500 program for passionate teachers only - who inspire their students and their extended community.

As a member of the Niyama500 family, you will receive your welcome gift pair, an exclusive Niyama500-25% discount on all future purchases and early access to the newest Niyama. Leggings you will be able to wear in your studio that won’t be available to the general public to buy for weeks. Additionally, we love to surprise our family, and as a part of that family, you might get a surprise along the way as well.

To become a part of this movement you need to practice a sport actively. (yoga, pilates, surfing, swimming, dancing,..) And regularly teach in regularly scheduled classes or own, manage or work in a studio. The next step is to like us on Facebook(, follow us on Instagram(niyama_sports), and subscribe to our Newsletter.

Now you’re ready to fill out your application. Once you’ve joined the Niyama500, you should show us how you like your Niyamas. Send us one or more photos in your Niyamas for our website with your name, where you teach, and what you are passionate about. Then share your love for Niyama with your friends through social media on a regular basis. To join, complete our online application.

Please be aware that the Niyama500 program is subject to change at any time.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Sabine from Niyama

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